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Stone Circles and Symbol Stones near Aberdeen.



Sites visited.

North east Scotland

The following pages illustrate some of the stone circles and carved stones that are to be found throughout Scotland; there are but a small fraction of the some 600 carved stones (many now in museums or private collections) and dozens of stone circles shown here. Each picture will give details such as a brief description as to how to get to it if it's not to obviously visible from the road ( many are in woods ), its map reference, using the Ordinance Survey Landranger 38 map, "Aberdeen & surrounding Area", scale 2cm:1km; ISBN 0-319-22038-9 and any other miscellaneous details. If you decide that one day you might want to view these stones, please bear in mind that most of them are on private property, whether in someone's back garden or in a farmers field. So please ask permission from the owner, where ever possible, to gain access to the stones; all those I encountered were more than willing to let me view the stones. Almost all the pictures illustrated here were taken within a 40 kilometre radius of Aberdeen in August 1997. Luckily for me the weather held up for all but one afternoon, where near monsoon like rain prevented me from continuing.



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